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I’ve had a bunch of new followers come along since I made those Iron Man posts. Yay, welcome. Fair warning , I make those kinds of posts a lot. But, I feel bad because I’m going on vacation. So, any new developments in the next week, I won’t be able to be extremely opinionated about.



A.I.M Agents do trust exercises. 

Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here.



I was planning on drawing some Batgirl fanart, but I ended up with a short comic about what A.I.M agents do on their lunch break.

Comics are expensive. Don’t make me resent the money I spend buying yours. Every single moment in your script must either move the story along or demonstrate something important about the characters — preferably both — and every panel that does neither is a sloppy waste of space.
Mark Waid (via comicquotations)


special delivery




special delivery



☆ STAR WARS MEME | 6 Outfits - Leia’s White Dress & Hair Buns


Earlier, a 70 year old woman came in to get her grandson’s bike fixed. She saw my Flash shirt, got this look on her face, proceeded to dig around in her purse for a minute, then pulled out her keys. On her keyring along with her keys and a couple of little scanner tags were a…

There is a big shift coming for Tony. I can’t say too much because it’s tied to AXIS, a great series that I’ve been fortunate enough to be reading as Rick Remender crafts it, but the old Tony is back. Arrogant. Cunning. Witty. Superficial. Completely self-obsessed. Superior.
So… they more or less confirmed that they will be retconning 50 years of character development? (via directorshellhead)

Tony is superficial might be my all time least favorite ‘rich guy cliche we assume applies.’

It fucking doesn’t.
Female Thor? Seriously? What's next, are you going to create a black Iron Man or reveal that Rogue's mother is transgender?



Yeah, because those ideas would be horrible! Can’t we go back to the days when everybody in comics was a white dude (except for a few girls who swooned and fell over a lot)?

Also, black Iron Man? 1982.


…and before that, even, in 1969!

An Open Letter to the Next Writer of Iron Man


Dear Whoever You May Be,

Congratulations!  I hope you are looking forward to leaving your mark on one of Marvel’s longest lived solo books (providing that we do not count reboots, of course!)

As a concerned reader who has not been able to be really pleased with how my favorite character’s book has handled Tony, his goals or his relationship with the world since about issue 10 of Matt Fraction’s run, I have just a few things I hope that you are thinking about.  (Since I do not know who you are, I cannot tag this with your name and hope you will find it.)

(So I guess really, this whole exercise is really more for me, than you.  Ah, blogging!)

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Re-reading this makes me sad now.